Who are we ?

Our story

Classic Parts Finder originated -like any good idea one may say- from a frustration! Its founder, Benjamin Grappin, himself a vintage car enthusiast and collector, has always enjoyed browsing trade shows or searching the web for the right spare part. But he still has to find the time to do it… After a few unfortunate experiences (poor quality remanufactured parts, scams on heavily advertised websites, delayed restoration projects…), Benjamin decided to tackle the subject!

Why not imagine an international platform entirely dedicated to this real issue, which would allow everyone -whether amateur or professional- to find, sell, or even renovate their spare parts easily?

A great opportunity for Benjamin, who can thus take advantage of his encyclopedic knowledge of vintage cars and combine it with his professional experience, which is strongly rooted in the international arena (Benjamin studied in France and the United States, then worked in New York, Berlin, and resided for a dozen years in Switzerland. He currently lives in Germany, in the Cologne area).


Classic Parts Finder aims to solve many collectors’ problems by centralizing requests and offers for spare parts. The idea is also to privilege whenever possible the renovation of a part rather than its replacement, by facilitating the collaboration with various restorers and specialists.

Equipped with a simple and intuitive smart interface, the platform favors original parts, or remanufactured parts of better quality, thanks to an international network of both professionals and amateurs. All requests as well as the parts offered for sale are subject to moderation, in order to ensure the quality of the exchanges.

Convinced? Whether you are a searcher, a dealer, or a restorer, join the Classic Parts Finder community by registering here!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us via the contact form.

Classic Parts Finder’s DNA

  • Search/Sell/Renovate
  • Original and quality parts
  • Time saving
  • Customer Service
  • Choose/Compare
  • Internationality
  • No advertising