Front skirt for Series 1 (1977-1981) - ALFA ROMEO Giulietta - Ref. 11650.590003.04
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Front skirt for Series 1 (1977-1981) - ALFA ROMEO Giulietta - Ref. 11650.590003.04

As new Original (OEM) vintage part


New Old Stock'. In its original packaging. Very rare.
See the description in its original language (French) : 'New Old Stock'. Dans son emballage d'origine. Très rare.
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ALFA ROMEO Giulietta ALFA ROMEO Giulietta
(1977 - 1985)

Part : Front skirt for ALFA ROMEO Giulietta

Manufacturer : Alfa Romeo

Part reference : 11650.590003.04

Private individual - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - France Drapeau fr

Package weight : 5 Kg
Package dimensions (L x W x H) :
30cm x 30cm x 150cm
Shipping option :
Hand-delivery and shipment
Shipping costs to add based on the delivery method chosen.

Price incl. VAT :
235.00 €(excluding shipping costs)
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Classic Parts Finder's review

Spare part almost impossible to find nowadays! Almost a miracle. Note that the Alfa Giulietta has had three different front ends, although this is very subtle. The biggest difference is the 'series 3', which could integrate fog lights. The set allowed to improve the aerodynamics while bringing a greater touch of sportiness.

See in its original language (French) : Pièce détachée quasi impossible à trouver de nos jours! Presque un miracle. A noter que les Alfa Giulietta ont connu trois faces avant différentes, la chose étant toutefois très subtile. La plus grosse différence concerne les 'séries 3', qui pouvaient intégrer des feux antibrouillards. L'ensemble permettait d'améliorer l'aérodynamisme tout en apportant une plus grande touche de sportivité.
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Looking for a Front skirt for ALFA ROMEO Giulietta?

The Classic Parts Finder community offers you a selection of spare parts for your ALFA ROMEO Giulietta, and in particular the following part: Front skirt in the following condition: as new. The part carries the reference 11650.590003.04 and was made by Alfa Romeo.

Front skirt for Series 1 (1977-1981) is one original (oem) vintage part.