1957 Flameout Vaccumed Powered Ashtray - FORD Fairlane / Galaxie
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1957 Flameout Vaccumed Powered Ashtray - FORD Fairlane / Galaxie

As new Original (OEM) vintage part


1957 Flameout vaccumed powered ashtray made in Santa Monica Ca. Fits any model for the year 1957 or around that year. All parts are included and documents all original AND ORIGINAL box

Fitment/Compatibility with

FORD Fairlane / Galaxie FORD Fairlane / Galaxie
(1957 - 1959)

Part : Ashtray for FORD Fairlane / Galaxie

Manufacturer : Flameout

Private individual - United States of America Drapeau us

Package weight : 2 Kg
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1,070.00 €(excluding shipping costs)
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Classic Parts Finder's review

We are dealing here with a real oddity! General Motors offered this cigarette butt vacuum cleaner as an accessory at the end of the 1950's. This tool, sold at a time when people threw their cigarette butts out of the window without asking the slightest question, is a true eye-catcher! Nowadays, this is a rare item, especially as 'New Old Stock', and well sought-after by collectors.

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Looking for a Ashtray for FORD Fairlane / Galaxie?

The Classic Parts Finder community offers you a selection of spare parts for your FORD Fairlane / Galaxie, and in particular the following part: Ashtray in the following condition: as new. and was made by Flameout.

1957 Flameout Vaccumed Powered Ashtray is one original (oem) vintage part.