Gauge wells - PEUGEOT 404 Coupé / Cabriolet
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Gauge wells - PEUGEOT 404 Coupé / Cabriolet

As new Aftermarket part


Equivalent for replacement of part 1526-38. Delivered with its seal. Note: depending on the tank, the rod must be bent differently
Original description (fr_FR) : Equivalent pour remplacement de la pièce 1526-38. Livrée avec son joint. Note: en fonction du réservoir, la tige doit être pliée différemment
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Fitment/Compatibility with

PEUGEOT 404 Coupé / Cabriolet PEUGEOT 404 Coupé / Cabriolet
(1962 - 1968)
(1960 - 1989)

Part : Fuel tank gauge for PEUGEOT 404 Coupé / Cabriolet

Sold directly by CPF

Package weight : 1 Kg
Package dimensions (L x W x H) :
25cm x 25cm x 25cm
Shipping option :
Shipping costs to add based on the delivery method chosen.

Price incl. VAT :
45.00 €(excluding shipping costs)
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You are looking for a fuel tank gauge for PEUGEOT 404 Coupé / Cabriolet?

The Community of Classic Parts Finder offers you spare parts for your PEUGEOT 404 Coupé / Cabriolet, including a fuel tank gauge in a as new. This part is also compatible with: PEUGEOT 404 (1960 - 1989).

Gauge wells is one Aftermarket part. Buy this part with confidence thanks to numerous guarantees provided by Classic Parts Finder.